Why Smart Thermostats make so much sense

We spend a fortune heating our homes. Low-tech thermostats are pretty dumb, so most of the time we're either too hot or too cold. The solution? Smart thermostats. Bringing cutting-edge climate control to your home, they give you the ability to save money and energy.



Say hello to control, convenience and comfort

Smart thermostats put you in control of your energy usage. Making sure your home is kept at your ideal temperature 24/7, without you having to turn things up and down. At the swipe of an app you can adjust your heating on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop from the comfort of your sofa or the other side of town. Monitoring and controlling your heating has never been easier. 

Puts you in control

Now you can control your heating from the comfort of your sofa or the other side of town using your Smartphone, tablet or computer when connected to the internet.

Super Intelligent

They learn your daily routine and heating preferences, always setting the temperature just how you like it.

Works on autopilot

Like magic they automatically turn down the heating when no one’s at home and turn it up, so its warm, for when you return, even if you're always coming and going.

User friendly

Thanks to a clever app and some smart technology they regulate your heating all year round-saving you the chore of turning it up and down.


For the perfect temperature in your home


These products are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority *The average household energy bill is calculated from the average UK household energy expenditure on space heating and hot water across all property and fuel types in 2015 **Savings based on a scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics showing the greatest factor determining savings is presence detection and savings of up to 24% could be achieved. Further savings of up to 7% could be achieved due to tado’s weather forecast function